We create an outdoor living environment you can enjoy everyday.

A well designed backyard & patio can turn heads and make for a great living space outside of your home. Smart patio design, beautiful hardscaping and stylish décor can be combined to create the perfect outdoor space that can be enjoyed year round. While front porches and back patios remain the best spots to relax at home, working with the right patio design and construction company should make you feel just as comfortable. At Master Solutions Construction, our designers will help make the design process easy and the construction process even easier. Personalize your outdoor living space to match your home’s style with these backyard & patio design elements that will expand the comfort of the indoors to the outdoors.


Outdoor patio covers can come in various shapes, styles, and sizes. Gazebo, lattices, pergolas, awnings, and carports are all more permanent types of patio coverings and structures. Adding a cover to your outdoor living space creates a beautiful, refreshingly cool hangout the whole family can enjoy. Additionally, covering your patio offers endless benefits such as adding value to your home, provides shade from harmful UV rays, offers protection for your outdoor furniture, and can keep your home cooler during warmer months.


Whether you’re looking to add some European charm or contemporary flare to your outdoors, we can create eye-catching surfaces made of stone pavers to complement your overall patio design. A patio constructed with interlocking pavers not only looks beautiful but is durable, can withstand heavy traffic and requires less maintenance when compared to a backyard lawn. Pavers come in a number of styles, shapes and tones to help you add the right personality and charm to transform your outdoor living spaces.


With more decorative options than ever before, concrete patios are attracting homeowners who want an outdoor surface that offers the ultimate in design versatility. Concrete patios allow homeowners to blend interior and exterior living spaces seamlessly. They are the perfect decorative flooring surface for outdoor kitchens and outdoor living spaces, complementing other backyard elements such as cozy seating areas, fireplaces and water features. Additionally, this outdoor floor type offers unlimited design options. When enhanced by stains and integral colors, concrete patios can be color coordinated to match a home’s exterior or landscape. Poured concrete can also be stamped or engraved in patterns that mimic other popular paving materials, such as brick, flagstone, slate and tile.


Many large-scale projects such as walls or columns have been replaced by the use of stone veneer because of its ease of installation. But when it comes to landscaping, real stone still takes the lead. There is no better way to finish a great landscape job than incorporating the timeless tradition and natural beauty of stonework. From highlights and edges to complete driveways, an exterior grade stone can be the right finish to warm up a space with beautiful, rich-colored rock. Master Solutions Construction offers multiple stone options to complete your exterior home design.


Retaining walls are usually thought of as utilitarian and for merely holding back soil. But you can use them to create beautiful outdoor living spaces and incorporate multi-use spaces. They provide functional support for keeping soil in place, prevent sink holes and eliminate the eye sore of dirt piles and uneven hills. Additionally, retaining walls are helpful in flood prevention and erosion. With multiple types of retaining walls to choose from, let the experts at Master Solutions Construction help you decide which retaining wall is best for you.


Water restrictions are changing our approach to landscaping surfaces at home, business and our schools. Inadequate irrigation of natural turf leads to patchy, dusty and sometimes unusable recreation areas. With the drought further affecting our use of water for our lawns, it is time to start thinking what’s better for the environment. Master Solutions Construction offers a drought tolerant solution for browning grass. Bring your lawn back to life with artificial grass. From residential lawn, playgrounds, rooftops and driveways, to putting greens and sports fields, we create the look and feel you want while reducing the time, money and effort it takes to maintain your outdoor environment.


If you enjoy outdoor cooking and entertaining, you should consider taking it to the next level and put in an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are much more than a place to put the BBQ grill. You can build up your whole outdoor area around the kitchen, adding patio furniture, patio heaters, and much more to create a comfortable outdoor paradise. Whether you just want to spend more time outdoors or entertain friends and family, building an outdoor kitchen is a great way to enhance your outdoor experience.


For many people, the onset of winter means the end of outdoor entertaining. Furthermore, this can mean more overall time spent indoors. However, an outdoor fireplace can help to extend your outdoor season throughout a greater portion of the year, as the fire will provide you with the heat necessary to keep you warm during cold winter days or nights. Simply snuggle up by the fire with a blanket and some marshmallows, and what would have previously been another winter’s night trapped indoors can now be a fun night spent outside.


We all enjoy a nice BBQ meal with friends and family on a restful summer day. While a BBQ grill from a home store can do the job, a custom BBQ island will provide a whole new level of enjoyment and atmosphere. A custom-built island can include running water and a sink, a mini fridge, freezer, pizza oven, rotisserie, electricity or speakers for music. Storage inside the island is great for protecting items from the weather and keeping them out of sight. Additionally, you can add several other options including lighting, propane or natural gas.


Fire has always attracted people with its natural ability to warm, comfort and entertain. It is nothing short of magical. Share that magic with you and your family by installing the finest in outdoor fire fixtures – a fire pit. Fire pits help transform an ordinary backyard into a romantic getaway for couples, a fun meeting space for friends to enjoy drinks, and a place outdoors for conversation and laughs.